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The number of people who complain about stress or even burnout has increased constantly for some time now; physical and mental exhaustion intensify each other. TCM’s holistic approach can alleviate suffering.

Stress as such does not make us ill. What does is the emotions associated with it, such as feeling overtaxed or unappreciated, helplessness, pointlessness or a sense of failure despite making a great effort. If we go beyond the limits of our abilities too often and for too long or stubbornly ignore physical symptoms, this can lead to exhaustion, insomnia, depression, chronic stress and burnout.

How you benefit:

  • Help with negative and persistent stress
  • Care and advice before it comes to burnout
  • The goal is to re-establish your inner harmony.
  • Help with depression, the feeling of being overtaxed, a sense of helplessness or pointlessness

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Some people throw themselves into their work in the hope that their performance will bring them some advantage later on. Others are put under such extreme stress through a severe crisis or personal misfortune that the organism is no longer capable of regenerating sufficiently. As a result, zest for life sinks, performance declines and the sense of having your own life under control evaporates. You are so exhausted that the goals you once set yourself seem unreachable, a sense of achievement becomes increasingly rare and your self-esteem decreases more and more.

The outcome of this downward spiral can be burnout that makes “carrying on as normal” impossible. A longer time-out and a stay in a clinic are then often needed, for example in the Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bad Kötzting. Follow-up treatment takes place at my clinic. 

How you benefit:

  • You can prevent burnout through targeted stress management with acupuncture and qigong. 
  • After your stay in a clinic, I can help you to further stabilise your inner balance and if necessary realign your life.
  • By changing your lifestyle in line with TCM recommendations, you gradually regain control of your life.

I will take the necessary time for your problem. This not only means that I will explore with you what is causing the stress but also pay attention to emotional causes and unfulfilled needs. The aim of my work is to re-establish harmony at physical, emotional and mental level.

Do not wait until your body and a breakdown force you to take a complete rest! Even changes to your lifestyle, such as regular meals and going to bed early (before 11:00 p.m.), can protect you from burnout. Little rituals are also wise that help you to let go of things that you found emotionally upsetting during the day and to focus your attention on what went well and for which you are grateful. I use acupuncture and herbal therapy (Western herbs) to relax the body and the mind and restore their energy.

The holistic approach of Chinese medicine can also help you to react more calmly and composed or with more energy in everyday situations that trigger stress, anxiety or worry, such as public speaking, exam nerves, fear of flying or an unspecific fear that makes you break out in a sweat or your heart race.

I would be pleased to accompany you along this journey with my experience and knowledge in this field.