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Many gynaecological problems are either considered unavoidable or even treated as disorders; gynaecology in Chinese medicine prompts us to rethink.

Period pains, difficulty in conceiving, morning sickness during pregnancy, hot flushes and night sweats during the menopause – problems can occur at almost any stage in a woman’s life. Chinese medicine teaches us that these are caused by energy imbalances and stagnation in the body.

These are often triggered by diet, personal situation, stress and emotions. A woman’s energy balance in the sense of TCM can have a positive effect on menstruation – even as far as pain-free periods. She can have fulfilling sex and the likelihood of her bearing healthy children during her fertile years increases too. It will also be easier for her to adjust to changes in hormone levels during the menopause.

Traditional Chinese Medicine divides a woman’s life into seven-year phases. At the transition between these phases, the body is required to adapt to a high degree. This is made difficult through modern lifestyles. Women experience this particularly severely during the menopause due to unpleasant physical symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats (see also “How to treat hot flushes with TCM”). TCM gynaecology assists you in all the phases of your life by helping your body to find a new balance after each transition.

From the perspective of TCM, most women’s problems are the result of the stagnation of the life-giving flow of qi (alternative spelling: chi) or of blood flow. Therapy therefore aims to restore harmony to this flow. In my clinic, I encourage women to understand their physical symptoms as a wake-up call that gives us information about important issues in our lives. We work together to understand these issues, clear blockages and compensate for deficiencies. 

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TCM pain relief for period pain is a gentle alternative to the contraceptive pill. An important part of my treatment is also lifestyle advice. You learn how to live with your cycle’s rhythm and to pay more attention to what your body needs. Diet and a healthy mix of rest and exercise play a key role in this context. 

Hormonal changes during the menopause also often have an immense physical and psychological effect. The drying up of the “Dew of Heaven” and with it the end of a woman’s biological fertility are regarded by Traditional Chinese Medicine as a life-sustaining measure. The end of monthly bleeding also allows her transition to a wise woman. I can help you in this process by discussing your situation with you as well as with acupuncture and Western herbs. I would be glad to advise you!

How you benefit:

  • Your body is prompted to establish a hormonal balance without the administration of artificial hormones.
  • You learn to understand symptoms as messages from your body. 
  • Learning about the five transitional phases enhances your awareness of your body’s needs (and other topics) in the different life phases and makes the transition between the phases easier.