Medicine is a demanding mistress, yet she is faithful, generous, and true. […] she gives meaning to everything I do.“
Abraham Verghese


Anne Hardy

Short biography and qualifications

  • Physics degree at RWTH Aachen University
  • Work as science journalist and book author
  • After parental leave, doctoral degree in History of Technology and Medicine at TU Darmstadt
  • Completion of vocational training as natural health practitioner
  • Three-year training in acupuncture at ABZ Mitte, Offenbach. AGTCM diploma (AGTCM = Working Group on Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • One-year training in the use of Western herbs in Chinese medicine at ABZ Mitte, Offenbach
  • One-year training in the traditional use of Western herbs in the framework of the Forschergruppe Klostermedizin, a research group on monastic medicine at the University of Würzburg
  • Training in gynaecology and integrative fertility treatment at ABZ Mitte
  • Clinical training in teaching practice at ABZ Mitte, at the Anicca Praxis clinic run by Kai Uwe Jettkandt, natural health practitioner and kung fu master, and at the fertility clinic of Professor Kiki Franciscus Sulistyo Winarto in Dormagen
  • Since 2005: Training in Shaolin kung fu, qigong and tai chi at the Shaolin Wahnam Institute under Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt and grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (Malaysia)
  • Own clinic since March 2015

Memberships in professional associations:

Medicine in the tradition of the Shaolin monks

Chinese medicine has been handed down over the ages in two ways: On the one hand it is based on the manuscripts of physicians at the Imperial Court and on the other hand on knowledge passed by word of mouth from the master to his students. This was common above all amongst travelling physicians and in the kung fu schools. 

My training is based on both these traditions. The foundation for the three-year training course I completed at ABZ Mitte in Offenbach is the written accounts. The Shaolin Wahnam tradition practises the oral transmission of knowledge from the master to the student. 

One skill in which a kung fu teacher has always been proficient is the treatment of injuries that can occur during sparring. The lineage of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute includes kung fu master Yang Fatt Khun, who in his younger years journeyed around as a travelling healer. Although he gave up this activity at his master’s request in order to devote himself entirely to kung fu, practising medicine has remained a tradition in his lineage up until today.


Natural Health Practitioner and Physicist
Dr. phil. Anne Hardy

Schifferstrasse 59
60594 Frankfurt
Tel.: 0151-68184721
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